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UK Winter 2015/16 – Official Winter Weather Forecast

UK Winter 2015/16 – Official Winter Weather Forecast Updated

19:14, 20.Oct 2015

UK Winter 2015/16 Weather Forecast Overview When looking at the winter period, there are a variety of variables that can be looked at including seasonal forecast models, but also some global ‘indicators’ that may give some signs as to how

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Summer Weather Forecast 2015

Summer Weather Forecast 2015 Updated

23:44, 8.Apr 2015

Spring 2015 forecast and Early Summer weather forecast 2015 OVERVIEW: The spring and early summer period across the UK can often be a period of contrasting conditions. Through March and April in particular the weather can often quickly alternate between some

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UK Winter 2014/15 Weather Forecast predictions

UK Winter 2014/15 Weather Forecast predictions Updated

16:34, 3.Nov 2014

Winter 2014/2015 – Forecast – Final thoughts  Winter 2014/2015 consists of December 2014, January 2015 and February 2015. It should be noted that while winter officially ends on the 28th February 2015, wintry conditions can continue to occur well into

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Summer 2014 forecast

Summer 2014 forecast Updated

23:29, 12.May 2014

What will the summer of 2014 have in store? The weather has become quite an attraction this year, especially from tabloids and other media sources, so we have decided it’s time to produce our own summer 2014 forecast. Our forecast

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Summer 2014 Weather Forecast

Summer 2014 Weather Forecast Updated

12:57, 14.Apr 2014

Our summer 2014 weather forecast will be online at the end of this week. What type of summer would you like to see? Leave your comments on this page below. For further news and weather information Like our Facebook page

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