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22nd July – 5th August

During this period, conditions will remain settled with fine, dry and warm weather expected for much of the UK with high pressure remaining close to or over the UK. Low pressure will remain situated in the Atlantic, however, at times this low will drift close enough to the north and west of the UK bringing occasional rain here. Temperatures during this period will remain above the seasonal average, which will potentially trigger heavy showers and thunderstorms at times, so with this in mind, rainfall will remain below average in the south, but rising to average in shower affected areas, maybe just about average in northern areas of the UK.

6th August – 20th August.

During this period conditions look to set to become changeable as low pressure will try to infiltrate the UK. During the early part of this period we will start to see the transition from high pressure to low pressure, although there will still be drier periods within this time frame we will be more susceptible to a showery regime. Low pressure will then become more of a feature later on in the period with more persistent rain possible. Temperatures again will be warmer than the seasonal average, with rainfall more likely to be closer to average.


Forecast Updated: 23:24 on Friday 25th June 2014

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