UK Long Range Weather Forecast

Our UK Long Range Weather Forecast provides you with the expected weather over the next 3 – 4 weeks. Using longer range forecasting techniques we can provide a solid guide as to the expected weather and possible trends in temperatures and rainfall. Our UK Long Range Weather Forecast will also look at pressure trends and will mention any potential significant weather events.

UK Long Range Weather Forecast and Trends

Friday 24th June to Thursday 21st July 2016

UK long range weather forecast summary

The weather during this period is likely to be split across the UK with northern and north-western areas likely to see the bulk of any unsettled and at times windy weather as low pressure systems pass to the NW of the UK. Conditions here will be showery and wet at times but there will be some drier periods as well. Across southern and south eastern areas ridges of high pressure will frequently pass through keeping conditions drier and perhaps more settled at times. That said these areas won’t be the immune to showers or periods of rain but more often than not these bands of rain or showers will weaken here.

UK Long Range Weather Forecast WEEK 1 (24th June to 30th June): 

Summary: Atlantic flow returns bringing changeable conditions.

After a brief warm S/SW’ly flow which was responsible for the recent thundery weather across the south, the Atlantic flow will return during this period bringing generally changeable conditions across the UK. That said the general north/south split will continue with the best of the conditions more likely across the south with conditions frequently more unsettled across the north with rain and showers more prominent here and the winds will also strengthen at times. Temperatures are likely to remain average but there is scope for cooler than average in places. Certainly no hints of above average temperatures during this period. Rainfall amounts will vary greatly but in general the north will see average to slightly above values with the south average to slightly below average.

week1 hgt week1 temp
UK Long Range Weather Forecast WEEK 2 (1st July to 7th July): 

Summary: Westerlies continue but perhaps drier for the south more often than not.

As the flow remains from the west or southwest then NW parts of the UK will be more susceptible to mixed conditions as weather fronts or low pressure will pass close by. This kind of set up always favours central, southern, eastern and south eastern areas of the UK so expect the best conditions here through this period although here you won’t be immune to showery periods. Temperatures will remain average to above, although no signal for hot temperatures. Rainfall amounts will probably drop below average, perhaps around average across the northwest.

week 2 hgt week2 temp

UK Long Range Weather Forecast WEEK 3 (8th July to 14th July):

Summary:  North/South split remains.

Again the flow will most likely remain from the west with ridges of high pressure always prominent across the southern half of the UK. Again the northwest of the UK will perhaps be affected by trailing weather fronts as low pressure passes to the north but this won’t always be the case. For the majority conditions will remain settled with a mixture of sunny spells and variable cloud cover although showers can’t be ruled out across the north. Temperatures will remain average to above average but there are hints the south may warm up further. Rainfall amounts again will remain average to below average away from the northwest.

week 3 hgt week3 temp

UK Long Range Weather Forecast WEEK 4 (15th July to 21st July):

Summary:  High pressure to build in?

Confidence is extremely low but signals persists in the longer range models for high pressure to perhaps become more influential during this period. This scenario is far from certain but seems the most plausible solution given the data available. Should this pattern evolve then conditions would become more settled with warm sunny spells across the country but there will be the usual variable amounts of cloud. Rainfall is likely to fall below average with temperatures generally average to above.

week4 hgt week4 temp


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