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Outlook for 16th April – 1st May

There will be a mixture of conditions across the country during this period. At first high pressure will continue to dominate with mostly dry and settled conditions and just the risk of some patchy rain across Northern and Western parts. Through the bank holiday weekend though conditions will slowly deteriorate as low pressure moves in from the East, bringing spells of rain or showers to many whilst the driest conditions become confined to the North and West. These unsettled conditions will then persist in to the middle of next week before more settled conditions take hold once again through the final days of the month. Temperatures during the settled periods will be around to slightly above the seasonal average but still with the risk of a touch of overnight frost. However during the unsettled conditions temperatures will fall to below average values and it will feel cold. Precipitation amounts will be close to the average.

Outlook for 2nd May – 17th May

Whilst the forecast signal at this stage heralds greater than average uncertainty the most likely scenario looks likely to be a mixture conditions across the country, with temperatures close to the seasonal average. Periods of higher and lower pressure are likely to alternate, with the best of the drier and more settled conditions likely to be across Southern areas whilst Northern parts remain more prone to the unsettled spells. However it is expected that all parts will settle down at times. Given the mixed nature of conditions temperatures are likely to finish close to the seasonal average with precipitation amounts also close to the average.

Forecast Updated: 19:40 on Wednesday 16th April 2014

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