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UK Long Range Weather forecast

UK Long Range Weather forecast

21st August – 4th September

During this period, conditions will remain unsettled as the W/NW flow continues to dominate, allowing areas of low pressure to sweep across the country bringing periods of rain and blustery winds. There will be transient ridges of high pressure at times, however a showery theme is more likely rather than any lengthy settled periods.

Temperatures will remain around the average to slightly below average and rainfall will be average for most, although, across parts of the North and West of the country, values will climb slightly above the seasonal average.

5th September – 19th September

During this period conditions will remain changeable. The W/NW flow will continue to push areas of low pressure across the UK, however, signals are that the track of these lows will be slightly further north. This will enable ridges of high pressure to edge into southern areas of the UK at times during this period.

So with this in mind, rainfall amounts will remain average for a majority of the UK, however, across north-western parts of the UK, rainfall will climb slightly above average. Temperatures across southern areas will be around average to slightly above average, while for the rest of the UK, temperatures will remain around the season average, perhaps slightly below in the far north-west.


UK Long Range Weather Forecast Updated: 15:51 Thursday 21st August 2014

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