Storm Doris: Damaging winds, heavy snow and rain - February 22, 2017

Storm Doris is on the way and it will certainly pack a punch with damaging winds across parts of England and heavy snowfall across the Scottish borders and the far north & north-east of England. Let’s take a look at the sea level pressure chart with 850hpa temperatures.


As you can see on the above chart, storm Doris is going to be a rapidly developing system and by 09:00 am Thursday storm Doris will be unleashing strong winds across parts of Wales, north-west England and northern areas in general with gusts ranging from 55-65mph, even southern areas will see gusts in excess of 45-50mph throughout Thursday. As the system pulls away to the east she will deepen further with some damaging winds, currently expected across Pennine areas, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and East Anglia, current expectations are that of wind gusts in excess of 65mph widely with gusts perhaps reaching 80mph+ across parts of the East Midlands & exposed Pennine areas!

Let’s take a look at them wind gusts by hour!

Thursday 08:00am


Thursday 10:00am 2

Thursday 11:00am


Thursday 12:00 – and yes that is wind gusts of 87-88mph showing across the East Midlands and Pennine areas.


Thursday 14:00pm


Accompanying the strong winds will be heavy snow across parts of southern Scotland, the Scottish borders and the far north of northern and north-eastern England as the system draws in colder air on its northern flank. At the moment we expect accumulations, even down to lower levels of 10-12cm’s with perhaps in excess of 25cm over elevated areas above 250m! The attached chart animation below shows where the snow is expected to fall, with pink being snow and any red areas denote very heavy snowfall.


Below is an aimation run of sea level pressure + precipitation.


Believe us when we say batten down the hatches as this is going to be a rather potent storm! We highly recommend you upgrade to UKWF pro service and radars to track this beauty of a system! Click here to register. We’ll keep you updated as always.


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