Upgrade to UKWF Radar Pro today and access our full range of radars which include; Pro Rainfall & Lightning radar, Snow Radar & Storm Radar Pro. All of our pro radars update every 5 minutes and have lightning fast update times compared to other providers on the web, we guarantee it. Our fantastic snow radar (precipitation type radar) draws in high resolution forecast data from our in-house models and current conditions from across the UK to determine whether rain, sleet or snow will fall from the sky. Our pro radars are also designed for tablet and mobile devices so you can see all the detail in full screen mobile mode!

Never be caught out by rain, snow or thunderstorms again with our full size pro desktop radars and mobile versions of the radars. Our radars now include the options too;

  • Overlay forecast conditions from our high resolution NMM models such as; wind gusts, temperature, surface temperature, dew point, 850hpa temperatures and sea level pressure.

  • Zoom right in to road level to get the most accurate, pin point real time rainfall and lightning imagery.

  • Our radars uses 500m resolution data giving 4 times more accuracy than other providers.
  • Access a wealth of high resolution weather forecast charts from our in-house high resolution models so you know whether rain, snow, thunderstorms, strong winds or severe weather is on the way!
  • Search any UK post code.

  • All radars work on any device, we’ve got you covered; Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile and any handheld device.
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There are no limitations on any of our pro radars. Select your payment option below today and you’ll never look back. We’ll even send you your own personal login to access the radars. If you’re not happy we’ll refund you, what have you got to lose? Check out some of the great reviews from our customers and clients at the bottom of this page.

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Thank you to UKWF for being our forecasting partner this winter. As a company we offer clients winter gritting and snow clearance services. Forecasting when to service our clients it’s a major part of our services. We have used ukwf radars, models and winter cast systems for the first time this year and you have never failed us once. All the information you have provided as allowed us to service our clients with out fail putting us ahead of our competition. I look forward to many more years working together in the future. I would highly recommend all your services. Thank you
Tim Bower, Nottinghamshire

As a keen photographer it is very useful to be able to gauge just when the rain will be coming over (and I can see the information on a very local scale). Equally important I can see how the rain is clearing and tell myself “yup, I can go out in about 15 mins and it will be clear”) Later in the year it will be useful for air-displays and other events. So far the radars have proved very accurate in showing the extent of precipitation and its progress (my wife is strangely unimpressed when I tell her “it will start raining in about 10 minutes” and almost to the minute – it does!) Mike Bywater Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Absolutely fantastic radar system, in fact I would go as far as to say it’s the best one available. A “must have” for anybody interested in the UK weather. Andrew Burridge, West Sussex