• Weather warnings in force: Severe gales, gales, blustery showers with thunderstorm risk.


    Valid from: 16:00 7th February - Valid until: 13:00 8th February 2016 

    Warning: Storm Imogen, a rapidly deepening area of low pressure will bring strong winds across Wales, south-west England, southern & south-eastern parts of England during the next 18 hours. The strong winds will come in 2 waves, the first is expected late this afternoon into the early evening with the second expected tomorrow morning, with the peek gusts expected around 6am-7am. 

    A period of strong winds with gusts between 50-60mph will initially affect Wales, south-west England, southern England and south-east England late afternoon and into this evening. The strongest winds will be across Irish and Channel sea coasts with gusts possibly reaching 65mph for a time.

    Heavy showers will also pack in across these areas and with favourable convective parameters some of these will bring torrential downpours, increased wind gusts and a risk of lightning. 

    Tomorrow morning sees the second wave move in to affect the same areas, however the wind will be much stronger with gusts in excess of 70mph across welsh coasts and north facing coasts of Somerset, Devon & Cornwall, perhaps reaching 80mph for a time. 

    Through the morning the strong winds will transfer eastwards bringing a continued risk of gale to severe gale force winds across southern England (channel coasts in particular) and south-east England. The strong winds will gradually ease around noon tomorrow. 

    The map below highlights the areas at risk; Areas highlighted in red are at greatest risk of disruption from storm Imogen. UKWF will continue to keep a close eye on developments and may update this warning if necessary.