A very wet and cooler Thursday with thunder, rain, sleet, hail and snow. - November 17, 2016

Good Morning.

It is a wet start across many northern and western areas this morning as we see showers and longer spells of rain rattle in on a strengthening westerly wind. The showers, at the moment are most frequent across Scotland and north-west England with longer spells of rain also affecting south wales and northern most coasts of Devon and somerset.

The below recent radar graphic paints a very wet picture for some areas!


North Wales, central parts of England, East Anglia and the south/south-east have started on a dry note, however through the day showers and longer spells of rain will move in from the west penetrating eastwards to bring wet weather for a majority. The graphics below, taken from our high resolution weather model clearly shows the amount of wet weather that is expected today.

Thursday noon


Thursday 4pm


Some of the showers will be on the heavy side with a risk of thunder and hail just about anywhere today, though areas at greatest risk of seeing some thundery showers are western parts of the UK, Irish sea coasts in particular. The below chart shows pretty high values of CAPE (Convective available potential energy) with a negative LI (Lifted index) for the time of year, which are parameters supportive of thunderstorms.

CAPE + LI 11am today.


CAPE + LI 6pm this evening.


For Scotland and northern hills showers will turn increasingly wintry with some temporary deposits over the hills of northern England likely during heavier and more prolonged spells of precipitation. Some significant accumulations are likely across higher ground in Scotland.  The below “precipitation type” graphic shows where rain, sleet or snow is expected to fall during today.

Key: Blue = Rain, Green = Sleet, Pink & Red = Snow.


With cooler air and strengthening winds, today’s air temperatures will be much cooler than of late and certainly the “feel like” temperature will be much lower when you add on the strength of the wind, especially across northern and western areas of the UK. Please find today’s temperatures and windchill temperature charts below.

Today’s minimum temperatures.


Today’s feel like temperatures.


Winds will strengthen to gale force across Wales and south/south-east England later today, our graphics below show expected wind gusts.

Wind gusts (mph) 1pm this afternoon.


Wind gusts (mph) 3pm this afternoon.


So to conclude today’s weather; Everything but the kitchen sink! Make sure you take an umbrella with you to work this morning. You can track any rainfall and lightning by clicking here to access our 5 minute rainfall radar or you can track any wintry precipitation by accessing our UK snow radar, click here.

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