Wet and very windy weather Storm #Aileen - September 12, 2017

Storm #Aileen the first named storm of the Autumn is currently moving in from the Atlantic, as she tracks east the system will further deepen bringing a period of strong winds to many. The strongest winds will be late PM and during the early hours of tomorrow morning. Not only are there strong winds to contend with, Aileen will also bring spells of rain with some areas such as Northern England seeing a fair amount with up to 45mm falling over the course of 8-10 hours.

Let’s take a look at the track of Aileen via our high resolution model;


Based on latest model output I would expect the strongest winds to be across; NW England, Pennines/central, East Midlands, West Midlands, N Wales, W Yorkshire, S Yorkshire, N Yorkshire, E Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and northern parts of East Anglia (more so around the Wash).

Gusts in excess of 60mph are to be expected, locally in excess of 70mph. For areas further south, such as south-west England, southern and southern-eastern parts of England, I would expect wind gusts ranging from 45-55mph, with the strongest gusts running along channel coasts.

Generally speaking many inland parts of England & Wales will see wind gusts ranging from 35-50mph.

You can find our gust map for Storm #Aileen below.